Big Wynn for Coonawarra

BIG WYNN: Wynns of Coonawarra secured two placements in the top 50 Most Collected Wines of 2023. Picture: SUPPLIED.

Charlotte Varcoe

ONE of the wines from Wynns Coonawarra made the top 10 Most Collected Wines of 2023.

Every three years, Wine Ark conducts an audit of over a million bottles of wine stored in its state of the art, climate controlled cellars located across the nation.

The audit results in a definitive list of the most collected wines in the nation with Wine Ark’s report being one of a kind.

Two of Wynn Coonawarra’s Cabernet Savignons made the list of top 50 wines collected with its Wynns Coonawarra Estate Black Label making number eight and Wynns Coonawarra Estate John Riddoch making number 21.

Wynns winemaker Sue Hodder said she was delighted to have not one but two positions in the top 50.

“We have got an amazing heritage here with our wines with the black label cabernet form the heart of the terra rossa soil” Ms Hodder said.

“We have got a lovely sense of the place but the wine is still a quiet achiever and that is why we are always really pleased because one of the great things about being here at Wynns is the stories people tell us about drinking the wine.”

She said Wynn’s wines were a medium-bodied wine which was not a “big, rch wine” with a number of versions in peoples cellars.

“Ours are medium-bodies with moderate alcohol,” Ms Hodder said.

“Usually around 13 per cent, not heavier and because of the style it is a wine that can be drunk with any different types of food.

“It does not need a big leg of beef or anything to go with it, it can be because people want to have a glass of wine.”

She said medium-bodied wines were “special yet unpretentious” wines which people typically did put in the cellar.

“We are able to make that because of the lovely vineyards that we have here,” Ms Hodder said.

“We are also doing our best to embrace climate change but we are a cooler region than many and we have lovely natural resources, good soil and good water if we protect it.”

She said if people were careful and continued to “do things in a better way” the Coonawarra region would have a “very rosy” future.

Coming into summer, Ms Hodder said the region has had great rain which would set up the soil and prevent it from being too dry.

“We have had a good set on the vines so it is looking good and we follow weather forecasts very closely,” she said.

“So long as we do not take anything for granted with how it is looking now, next year is going to be a good one.”