Murphies dig deep

IN FRONT: Glencoe's Chantelle Cocks was a formidable opponent against Hatherleigh on Saturday. Pictures: JAMES MURPHY


A STRONG opening quarter saw Glencoe set up a big win over Hatherleigh in Round 10 of Mid South East netball on Saturday.

The Murphies won the toss and were quick to score the first goal.

From there they took full control and were able to score easy and quickly through Chantelle Cocks and Jenna Paproth.

Hatherleigh chipped away and worked hard to peg back the score, applying plenty of pressure down the court, but Glencoe was able to breakthrough and continue to add to the score board to take a 10-goal lead to the first break.

Hatherleigh made changes in their attack in the second quarter, while Glencoe remained unchanged.

The Murphies continued to use Cocks as their go-to player to score quickly.

Every ball was heavily contested and Glencoe made the Eagles work hard for every pass.

Sarah Edwards worked overtime in defence to provide her side with more opportunities to convert, which produced a 17-goal advantage at the main break.

The home side switched things up again in the hope to close the ever-growing margin, but Glencoe continued to control the game and extend its lead.

Both sides were quick to jump on any loose balls and Kalli Nettle worked hard all game for the Eagles in attack, creating space and providing plenty of drive.

Both sides were patient in attack, but any cross-court ball was taken turned over by Glencoe who quickly made the Eagles pay.  

Glencoe remained unchanged heading into the final stanza, as Cocks and Paproth continued to combine well and make it difficult for Hatherleigh.

The Murphies were consistent from end to end, which showed why they are a finals contender.

However, it did not stop Hatherleigh, as the Eagles kept the scoreboard ticking over, but in the end Glencoe was simply too strong and ran out comfortable 36-goal winners.